Ageing LGBT Issues

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Despite many services being available to older adults such as: Older Americans Act (OAA), Medicare, Social Security Income many of these resources do not incorporate LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) issues. The intersectionality of ageing LGBT issues is incredibly necessary because of the disparities of socio-economic status and assisted care. In an article, Social, Economic, and Health Disparities Among LGBT Older Adults author Charles Emlet states that older adults are more vulnerable to poverty and 26 percent of adults ages 65 and older live below 200 percent the poverty level.
In addition to the economic vulnerability of older adults, being a part of the LGBT community makes dealing with disparities connected to aging even more difficult because many LGBT elderly experience increased isolation due to a lifetime of stigma. Karen I. Fredriksen-Goldsen a Ph.D. professor and the director of Healthy Generations cited a study called Caring and Aging with Pride. In this study 2,560 demographically diverse LGBT older adults across the nation mention similar concerns related to Isolation, finding friend support, caregiving and health. Fredriksen-Goldsen mentions how LGBT older adults are
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The Buddy Program aims to assist LGBT older adults who are homebound, socially isolated, or hospitalized by providing companions and resources. Companions provided by the Buddy Program are volunteers who are interested in dedicating 4 hours a week towards accompanying LGBT elderly individual. Companions are referred to as buddies because the relationship between the LGBT elder or client in need and their buddy is one that has a goal of decreasing social isolation. The Buddy Program aims to decrease social isolation of LGBT older adults by having volunteers or buddies perform the following
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