Ageing Population

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Using Item B and elsewhere, assess the view that an ageing population creates problems for society There are many different problems that an ageing population creates for society. There are many reasons why there is an increase in the ageing population, as Item B states “In common with many western societies, the United Kingdom has an ageing population. Rising life expectancy and a relatively low birth rate have meant that the average age of the population is rising”. Also the decline in fertility has led to an increased amount of people who are over the age of 65 and this poses many different issues within society. First of all, older people consume a larger proportion of public services. For example, they require more health and social…show more content…
Many people would argue that it is wrong to label the old as ‘economically independent’. An example of this would be that the age of retirement can be different for different jobs. Many men in their fifties are no longer working, whereas many women have to work up to the age of sixty five before accessing the state pensions as they do not do as many manual jobs such as building. Also, whilst there is an increase of older of people the dependency ratio also rises in the ageing population. This may be a way of making up for the decline of dependent children. Many sociologists believe that, like childhood, the age status is socially constructed. Many discussions about old age are negative and stereotypical, therefore it is constructed as a problem. People have different critical stereotypes of elderly people, they see them as, slow, old fashioned, complaining all the time and many other traditional stereotypes. An example of this would be the Griffiths Report. This report claimed that the care of the elderly was pushing society to facing the problem of meeting the growing costs that health and social care needs in order to help the growing number of elderly people. There has also been a recent fear of the ‘pension time bomb’ this has also caused some negative attitudes and concerns that the ageing population creates a
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