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Course Reflection Nurses have always played the main role in health education, promotion, and disease prevention in the community. As a matter of fact, Laidman (2012) reported the survey result that showed nurses continue to be the highest-ranking professionals for honesty and integrity for 11 consecutive years. With the public trust laid on nurses, it is justifiable for influential leaders to continue to advance the nursing profession in its research, theory, and practice. In the same manner, a nurse must do his part in arming himself with today’s healthcare issues and latest interventions to better serve his community.
Community Health Nursing I Community Health Nursing I (N492) brought the realization of the domineering population of
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In fact, through exploration, I learned that ageism is one of the major barriers in treating the older adults. Seegert (2016) informed that the negative stereotyping of older adults is condoned in the society and is quite damaging to older adults’ well-being. In fact, health providers are no exceptions and even the OA themselves, believe the popular notions on aging. However, Seegert (2016) cited the best way to combat ageism for an OA was to deflect the idea in his mind. On the other hand, Raposo and Carstensen (2015) offered suggestions to combat ageism and challenged healthcare providers to overcome their own biases in order to treat OA…show more content…
In fact, students were also encouraged to reflect and reminisce on their own before engaging an older adult with the activity. Also, studies showed the various benefits of reflection therapy in influencing a positive attitude towards aging for most OA. However, Brinker (2013) also cautioned nurses to the habit of ruminating during the reflection therapy and offered creative ways to divert negative thoughts to beneficial outcomes.
The topic of aging cannot be discussed without the association of illness and death. Despite its reality, nurses can focus on promoting a quality life to OA. However, societal changes in people’s way of thinking compromised the public health due to poor choices and lifestyles. Nurses are faced with multiple health challenges of the community. In addition, these health challenges extend to the younger generation as statistics showed rising problems in obesity, smoking, sexual behavior, and substance abuse. As nurses maintain the public trust, we have the obligations to promote successful aging for OA and use every opportunity to teach health promotion and disease prevention one patient at a
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