Ageism In Australia

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A current issue affecting Australians and Australian businesses is Ageism in the workforce. Although this issue has been around for decades, it has become more prevalent than ever. Many employers aren’t considering hiring younger workers due to minimal experience, but they are also not hiring the elderly for age related reasons. With the retiring age rising, it has become difficult for older people looking for work to find jobs. The elderly struggle to find work due to age discrimination, yet are required to work till retirement age. This issues study focuses on age discrimination in the Australian workforce and how it affects Australian businesses as well as the economy due to imbalanced age groups employed in workplaces.
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This issues study analyses the impact of Age Discrimination in the Australian workforce. Occupations that significantly discriminate against people due to their age are jobs such as construction, building industry, information technology, manufacturing, education, administration and many more. Current trends employers withstand are age and over qualification which should both be completely disregarded as those workplaces shouldn’t be reliant on that but by their capabilities, experience and transference of skills.( rewrite this does not make sense) Implications and complications regarding ageism is early retirement and not meeting the required Australian standard retire age and/or gaining experience for future endeavours therefore there is no progress in Australian businesses affecting the economy. (This needs to be rewritten so it makes sense)
To gather the required information and to examine this issue in depth, the investigation process was undertaken with a combination of primary and secondary sources that then were compared and connected to form to a conclusion. Many current articles and videos were researched, as well as up to date Australian government laws and regulations.
Stereotypes are more so the reason behind the age discrimination in the Australian workforces. They have the inevitable capability to distort people hence the
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