Ageism In Canada

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Nowadays, the population of Canada is increasing year by year. According to my research, Ontario has 13.5 million populations, which is two fifths of overall and also approximately 1.5 million are older people. Five years later, population of the elderly might up to twice. In another word, Canada will have a tendency of step into the aging society in the future. This report talks about how to advance human rights for older Ontario adults and protect this group from suffering ageism and age-based discrimination. Meantime, it shows us to aware of importance the quality of life for old people. In my opinion, the professional society impacts this issue in many ways. First of all, the professional society has better welfare, system and policy for…show more content…
At present, we can see some cases of elder abuse and age-based discrimination happened in Canada. For example, some employers, medical care workers and service staffs are not treat old adults as well as professional. It is an ageism behavior and there are plenty people don’t have awareness of human rights of old people. Therefore, it is necessary for people to be educated with that, especially the professionals. Furthermore, as far as I am concerned, the quality of life for old Canadian adults not only limits to the basic needs, but also older people want more and more spiritual demand and physical satisfaction. Based on the report, it argued that old adults should also have opportunity to the job and the mandatory retirement should be abolished and employers also need to encourage this positive employment environment. As a result, a professional society would teach people to respect the elderly, satisfy their needs and eliminate the bias of people for them. In conclusion, after reading this report, I have deep understanding of human rights of older adults. As a professional society, it can impact people’s attitude towards the elderly and also change the quality of life for old people in
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