Agency And Social Context : The Agency 's Mission

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Agency/Social Context: The proposed group fits with the agency’s mission: To empower children, youth and families with opportunities for success and independency while emphasizing their sense of cultural and self-identity. It purpose fits with the agency focus on empowering families so they can maintain together. The agency withholds a foster care and adoption department. They are very supportive towards providing the necessary services for the children under their care. Client Need(s): Some examples of issues, problems and or areas of concern that members might share in common in group intervention are: behavioral issues at home or in school, disciplining foster children, child temperament, parents coping with stress, children’s mental health, parents and children reactions to sensory information. Group Purpose: To help members identify potential sources of social support within the community while learning coping mechanisms to better manage stress and the well being of foster parents. To help members find support between other foster parents in the same situation while exchanging skills from one another. Group Composition: The group would be composed of two workers leader and co-leader to guarantee continuity of the group. The group would be composed of a maximum of 18-20 parents. The group would be closed and official by the fourth week after initial week. The group would be open to male and females active foster parents, no specific age or ethnicity. The group would

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