Agency Description / Policy Analysis

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Agency Description / Policy Analysis: Pathways John Gray & Brandon Raney SW 3601 April 15, 2015 For our groups agency description paper we decided to interview “pathways”. This is an agency contracted through opportunities for Ohioans with disabilities (OOD) and partnered with Goodwill industries and paint valley ADAMH board. The home office is located at 14 south paint street in Chillicothe Ohio. This organization can be contacted by email at or and also by phone at 740. 702. 4000. The pathways organization was created in 2010. Pathways is an eligibility based program and serves those that have physical or mental impairment which constitutes or results in the substantial impediment to employment. They review functional limitations that impede the ability to obtain and maintain employment: communication, mobility, self-direction, work tolerance and interpersonal work skills. Pathways currently has six staffed employees, four vocational rehabilitation coordinators, one vocational rehabilitation supervisor and one support person. The agency currently has two social workers. The mission of this agency is to provide individuals with disabilities opportunities to achieve quality employment, independence, and disability determination outcomes. This agency is based on a three goal system. The first goal is to increase integrated employment and independent living outcomes for Ohio citizens with disabilities. The next goal is to
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