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Agency Evaluation Care Matters LLC does not have an overall feedback loop with which it gathers information regarding efficacy. Most of the clients the agency works with are motor vehicle accident survivors who need extensive medical treatment. They are entitled by Michigan No Fault Insurance to a case manager to assist them with coordinating their medical care (Sinas, 2011). The case managers work with many different doctors, insurance companies, and claims adjusters. As such, most of their feedback takes place within outside arenas. However, Care Matters does provide interns with a feedback loop. Ms. Wendy Hooker, the field advisor, is extremely involved with the students she oversees. The interns would meet with clients and write a…show more content…
The workers, from both agencies, shared strategies, feedback, and resources that could be utilized to help the Baker family. While Care Matters program evaluation is informal, APS has a much more formal evaluation process. According to Article IV, Section 53 of the Michigan Constitution (Ringler, 2014), "The auditor general shall conduct post audits of financial transactions and accounts of the state and of all branches, departments, offices, boards, commissions, agencies, authorities and institutions of the state established by this constitution or by law, and performance post audits thereof" (p. 2). The feedback loop for APS begins with The Office of the Auditor General. They begin an audit of the efficacy of the program and subsequently release a detailed report of their findings complete with recommendations for improvement. The Department of Human services then must develop a plan to comply with the recommendations given and submit the plan for review to the State Budget Office. The Office of Internal Audit Services must accept or reject the plan within 30 days. If the plan is rejected, steps are taken to finalize a new plan. Finally, APS is audited again to determine if they have complied with the plan for improvement (Ringler, 2014). Appropriate Methodology The initial plan for intervention was to speak with Mrs. Baker and formulate a plan of change. By doing so, the social workers were adhering to the NASW code of
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