Agency Model Pas Aide Was Not Present While Sc Essay

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On 03/11/2016 SC met with Pa in her apartment for a RA visit. Pa 's Agency Model PAS aide was not present while SC was there. The Pa appeared poorly groomed and dressed in dark color clothes. The apartment was dirty and cat litter and feces on the table and floor. All utilities are in working order. The Pa reported numerous hospitalizations between Temple University and Episcopal University. The Pa did know the exact dates of admission and/or discharge. However, the Pa stated that reasons for admission were either asthma exacerbation; COPD and/or fluid around the Lungs. The SC placed call to Temple University Hospital medical records department and inquiries about Pa admission and discharges. The SC was placed on hold for a long time and when the SC did speak with the receptionist she stated that most of the Pa admission was at Episcopal Hospital Temple University and she did not have the time to go over every admission she provided the SC with the medical records department telephone number for Episcopal. The SC thanks her for her time and end call. The dates of ER visits and hospital admissions are as follows: 11/2015, 12/2015, 3/1/2016-3/4/2016, 3/5/2016-3/6/2016; and two ER visits 2/29/2016 and 3/7/2016 at Temple University. SC reviewed Pa’s services and per Pa he is receiving services in the type, scope, amount, frequency and duration as specified in the ISP. But the SC reasons to doubt that the Pa is receiving service according to the ISP. The SC arrived at the Pa’s
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