Agency Organizational Paper : Keystone Community Services

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Agency Organizational Paper: Keystone Community Services In this paper, I will be discussing of an organization that caters social services and contributes to the social work field. In addition, I will go into details where the organization is financed from and what is the mission of the organization. Moreover, I will discuss the structure that the organizations conduct to accomplished their missions and explain the organization 's different services provided under their organization 's umbrella. Furthermore, I will discuss of the organization accountability to their services, overall impact, and the power in the organization. Lastly, I will explanatory the workers role in the organizations and discuss of my overall experience referring to my future social work profession. To begin with, the organization I have chosen to discuss is Keystone Community Services located at 2000 Saint Anthony Avenue Saint Paul, MN 55104 along with multiple other locations. Keystone Community Services is a public organization that was established in 1939. When Keystone Community Services was first found it initial ambition was to be a neighborhood-based community in Saint Paul, Minnesota. As the growing organization expanded their services variety, funding sources was an important factor of the organization to ensure stability to keep providing great services. Keystone Community Services is financed by the business partnership, private funding, grants, and donations. Business

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