Agency Practice Approach And Critique Essay

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Module 4: Agency Practice Approach and Critique

My field placement this year is with Careers in Transition (CIT) in the Lives in Transition (LIT) program. LIT is a career-orientated program aimed towards women who have experienced domestic and/or family violence at some point in their lives which has, in most cases, resulted in some form of oppression in their journey towards self-sufficiency.
The primary objective of LIT is to help clients achieve gainful employment, and the program itself is divided into 3 components. The first component is a counseling and information component that gives an introduction to what domestic and family violence is, further delving into the feelings and psychological effects that it has had on clients. In this component, clients get to explore and share their own experiences and struggles in a safe environment alongside peers who can relate with a qualified professional to facilitate this. The second component is a life skills and academic component. During this stage of the program, clients are taught practical skills and how to apply them in their everyday life, for example, math is introduced in the form of budgeting and balancing monthly income with outflow of expenses. Parenting skills, prioritizing and time management skills, nutrition and grocery shopping are some of the other things that are touched on, to name a few. The third component is the job search for employment. This component is where the objective of LIT’s program is
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