Agency Practice Model Paper : Agency

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Agency Practice Model Paper
Evan Decker
Professor Miles
SOWK 492: Seminar
January 23, 2015

Agency Practice Model Paper For my SOWK 488 Field placement I have been assigned to complete my BSW internship at Colorado State University’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, Queer/Questioning Two-Spirited, and Ally Resource Center (GLBTQ2ARC or Resource Center). I selected this particular agency for my internship so that I could learn how to apply my social work skills to working with clients who identify as GLBTQA. This paper will discuss the following topics in relation to my work at CSU’s GLBTQ2A Resource Center:
1. A description of the GLBTQ2A Resource Center, and more specifically its mission and primary services provided, clients that the agency serves, and the organizational context of the agency.
2. Practice model approaches that are used at the Resource Center, if the Generalist approach is used, and roles that social workers play in the agency.
3. Knowledge and Skills that are required to effectively address the needs of the LGBTQ2A community.
4. Agency Cultural Competence in terms of how the Resource Center presents itself to various groups, how the Resource Center connects with diverse groups of clients, and demonstrations of how the Resource Center practices cultural competence.
5. How state/federal policies affect the Resource Center in terms of its work with GLBTQ populations.
6. Evaluation methods that are used by the Resource Center
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