Agency as a System

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You and Your Agency as a System This paper talks about Children’s Crisis treatment Center (CCTC). CCTC as a system is concern with meeting the needs of children and families with mental health and those that have experienced abuse, neglect and trauma. The focus here will be on the School Therapeutic Services component, the connection it has to the system and the environment and attempt to bring to light whether CCTC is functioning in line with its mission statement. I will also be describing my place in the institution as a system. CCTC is a nonprofit organization and has been in existence going to four decade now and provides mental health services to children and families in the Philadelphia area. CCTC is system with various…show more content…
A social system is a model of social organization that possesses a distinctive total unity beyond its component parts that is distinguished from its environment by a clearly defined boundary… (Olsen 1968). CCTC has been in existence for about four decades now because of the boundary it has established over the years and the will power to make sure everyone adheres to it. A boundary is a distinction made by an observer which marks the difference between an entity he/she takes to be a system and its environment. The systems approach requires the specification of a focal system which is the system chosen to receive primary attention (Carter, 2011). With this quote, the focal system for this paper is the School Therapeutic Service (STS) the department in which I work and my role as a School Therapeutic Worker (STW). Focal system refers to the system that is the object of the attention at a particular moment. I work closely with the clinicians as a STW in a middle school and I’m assigned four students, each in a different classroom. During my 37.5 hours shift, I move between classes to observe the behavior of the students as specified by their treatment goals. As a component of the system, the students are redirected based on their behavior at a given time and the necessary interventions are used in assisting them with achieving their goals. By the end of the day, the various clinicians assigned to the students
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