Agent Jones Narrative

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Hitachi Labs Arera 51 6:00 am “Sergeant there's been a breach in our code.” “Fix it” the Sergeant yells while sweating like an olympic sized pool. Then the pixels swooped in and carried the men off to an unknown land. Narrator: The English school for Afrikaans in the United Kingdom 2:00 PM John and Pid were walking into school next to some of their worst enemies Eraser and Mars. They were the top dog in the 6th grade and always made fun of John for being a nerd and Pid for being a zoologist. But they would have to depend on each other. Agent John (The only one with an decent name.) Weight: 79 pounds Age:12 Power: smartest human on Earth Agent Pid: Age:11 Weight: 60 pounds Power Zoologia Agent Eraser: Age 13 Weight: 90 pounds Power: Defiance…show more content…
There are so many I had to bluff to show I wasn’t scared. She responded saying, “ Zeal means a feeling of strong eagerness and imperious means having or showing arrogant superiority to others, does that help?” Pid answers “what about the others.” Ms. Doom told a blatant lie and said “that their are no others.” and we all groan. She turn the projector on and all we see is black and Ms. Doom punched the controller and said a few thing that I can’t put in a family fun book. Then I felt a force that started to drag me in I look around and saw that Ms. Doom was standing their cackling like the mean person she is.Then I see Pid flailing her arms and moving right towards the front of the room and runs right into me. “Strike!”and that was the last thing I heard. Mars: Eraser and I walked into Mr.Grrs class to find him actually smiling and he never does that but it was very bemusing that Mr.Grr was smiling. We walk in and I say “I used to be addicted to soap, but now I'm clean.” Then Eraser fires back”What did earth say to the other planets You guys have no…show more content…
Then we hear other screams, and to our surprise we saw our worst enemies Eraser and Mars yes the very same ones that hand taunted and teased us for ever John and I were so in shock that when John had shouted out to jump out of the way I had microseconds until they were on me but I was able to jump out of the way of falling Eraser and Mars. Mars was about to crack a joke but John suggested to share our stories about how we got here but then Mars pointed to the ground and said, “It’s pixelated!” He was right it looked weird but just then a robot looking thing walked up to us and hit us right across the neck surprisingly it didn’t hurt but then before we could react he heard something it was the robot talking to us and he said, “Hello non-natives I have put in a translator device in your necks. We have been told by the upper head to take you four to his palace.”Then before we knew it we were surrounded by more robots that started making weird beeps and boops sounds and before we could even act we were bound by moving pixel rope then in a 10 minutes according to John’s count we were at the palace in front of the king on our knees. Then we heard him speak in his booming voice “Guard's leave us.” Then he directs his attention to us and says, “Welcome back my children it has been so long an you have missed so many crăciun. Yes you may not known but I’m you’re father and I gave each and everyone of them your gifts, like John you being the
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