Agent Orange : A Herbicide Mixture Used By The Us Military During The Vietnam War Essay

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Agent Orange is a herbicide mixture used by the US military during the Vietnam War. (Agent Orange Vietnam War History). The Department of defense advance project (DARPA) had an important role in the U.S development of herbicides as a military weapon ( The first large scale defoliation by the US military took place in Fort Drum using a chemical called agent purple and a spray system that was the model for the one used in Vietnam (Buckingham). The use of chemicals in war is considered biological warfare toxins used with the intent to kill or incapacitated human’s animals or plants as an act of war (history of biological warfare). Agent Orange contained a chemical that was very toxic called dioxin. Dioxin enters human tissue by direct contact with skin inhalation through the lungs and through direct contact with food and water supplies. Experiments have shown that dioxin affects a number of organs and systems once they enter your body they last a very long time that is estimated to be about 7 to 15 years with a possibility of lasting up to 20 years because its stays in the body’s fat cells. (World Health Organization) In a mission called Operation Ranch Hand the US military sprayed millions of gallons of Agent Orange and other herbicides on trees and vegetation during the Vietnam War. Agent Orange was sprayed in Vietnam about 50 times the concentration that was recommended for killing plants therefore much of the forest and farmland in Vietnam still remain degraded
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