Agent Orange : Medical Ethics

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Motivation: Throughout the past Forty years the Vietnam war and it’s after effects have shaped and changed so many individuals and their lives. I will expose a deeper look at what actually occurred during the war and most importantly what actually caused the millions and millions of lives; both Vietnamese, Japanese, and American.
Problem statement: With war comes after effects and throughout the past Forty years many American Veterans from Vietnam have had health complications and issues due to the widespread use of Agent Orange during the duration of the war, especially at base camps. These ailments, cancers, and diseases can be traced back to a series of Chemical Defoliates or herbicides that have left traces of Dioxin with whoever or wherever it once was used or sprayed.
For all of these Veterans affected by this chemical unknowingly deserve restitution and better yet compensation for their medical issues and bills.

Agent Orange: Medical Ethics Agent Orange was widely used throughout the entire Vietnam war by Anti-Communist forces. In 1962, 85% of the food sources in Vietnam were targeted to be sprayed with Agent Orange from the air. Helicopters and planes were used in order to do aerial drops consistently and easily. On top of the use of Agent Orange on the forests of Vietnam, United States military bases used this herbicide daily if not weekly in order to keep the lands on the bases clean and low amounts to no vegetation on the bases. Many United…
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