Agents And Stages Of Socialization

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There are many agents and stages of socialization throughout the world. Agents are the things that influence people throughout all of their stages. Family, church, media, schools, and peers are all agents. The stages of socialization are peoples stages of life, but all cultures have fewer or more stages than others. Childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age are the stages in the United States culture. Adolescence can be a very odd stage in and of itself, but some cultures do not even have an adolescence stage, some cultures feel as though adolescence is not needed or that there is no time for it. For example, in a hunting and gathering culture, they will not have adolescence because they need everyone to help out no matter the gender or age, therefore there is no need to waste time with adolescence everyone is brought up in childhood learning all the things that they need learn and do to become an adult. All of the agents previously discussed are considered influences in this stage. Family is still an influence because, in early adolescence, you live in your parents home and they are the ones who make up the rules. An early adolescent might have to solely depend upon their parents money because they cannot make their own. While in early adolescence it can be extremely difficult to get a true job because some businesses do not like taking on younger employees. Church can potentially define an adolescence as well. It can become their whole life and seclude them away from
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