Agents Issue Falsified Documents Abroad: A Report

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Agents Issue Falsified Documents Abroad Falsified documents are becoming more prevalent as a means for Chinese students to attend school abroad. Many Chinese agencies are creating forged transcripts and fake essays for a Chinese student base desiring to attend foreign universities. In 2011, approximately 340,000 Chinese citizens attended foreign schools, per the Ministry of Education. Seemingly, in mostly urban areas, many consulting agencies have profited greatly by receiving service fees for assisting prospective students in the application process. Although some students decide to tackle the process on their own, a great number opt for an agency to conduct the cumbersome application process for them. Obtaining entrance into a top U.S. university is a long and intimidating process for many students, especially for potential Chinese applicants. Completing essays, acquiring recommendation letters, and writing personal statements is a challenge in which many Chinese applicants may not be able to complete on their own. With the increasing number of foreign students wishing to attend universities abroad, it has inadvertently established an immense market for college advisory services in which these agencies both charter any path that will guarantee students' college entrance, even if it means padding test scores and writing samples. In 2010, a report by Zinch China, an agency that advises U.S. colleges and universities, states that 8 out of 10 Chinese undergraduate

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