Agents Of Pediatric Dentistry As Sedatives

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Jordi Pradas. Biology seminar Review paper November 11, 2014 Use of pharmacological agents in pediatric dentistry as sedatives. As medicine progresses day by day so are the varieties of procedures that can be accomplished on patients in order to improve quality of life. One of the areas of the health care system that has developed the most is the dental field. Now a days, the diversity of dental procedures performed on people of different ages is extraordinary. Dentists have also improved, not only their techniques thanks to the advances in technology and new equipment that allows them to perform all the different procedures, but as well as on their training. Dentists today, thanks to that intensive training; are capable of screening for…show more content…
Dental treatment requires a certain amount of time and it is difficult to keep a child still. Under these circumstances dentists will often recommend some form of pharmacological sedation. For the most part, dental procedures are ambulatory; meaning patients will go home shortly after the procedure is done. To facilitate this, dentists use oral sedation or intranasal sedation instead of general anesthesia. General anesthesia not only will significantly increase the cost of treatment, but also the risk as well. The use of oral sedation or intranasal sedation represents an advantage for dentists, who can perform a treatment that without sedation could not be accomplished. On the contrary, drug response from patients represents a major risk that can not be ignored. Due to the great risk of advanced reactions in patients after receiving a drug or a combination of drugs, researchers are constantly working on finding better and safer sedative agents. In this paper I will discuss the findings on several research papers in regards to safer and efficient sedatives for dental procedures on children. Oral sedation is the simplest and also the most convenient method used to manage uncooperative patients. The reason behind this is its easy way of administration (oral) and the lack of injections, which is one of the major fears in children. Sedatives could be also administered in its gas form, but that would
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