Aggression And Violent Video Games

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Running Head: AGGRESSION RELATES TO VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES 1 Violent Video Games Utilization Relating to Aggression Phyllis Hensel Montana State University-Bozeman Author Note I have written this mini paper/literature review to satisfy the requirements in Dr. Matthew Vess’s Research Design and Analysis II course (Psych. 225). I have been curious in the past regarding this subject, because I have a fourteen year old son that plays a few of these violent video games. I wanted to know the verities in regards to whether or not playing of these violent video games is linked to aggression. I learned a great deal of knowledge by my research on this subject, and I think that it really does depend on the person’s age, maturity level, and active parenting skills. If there are any questions regarding this mini paper/literature review, please contact me at ( (Submitted: Tuesday, October 28, 2014) AGGRESSION RELATES TO VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES 2 Abstract Five articles were reviewed to gain knowledge to the question; does violent video game utilization relate to aggression? Other articles do show conflicts, and will be addressed. The main article reviewed is written by (Kim, K., & Sundar, S. 2013), which reveals that “presence”, “game controller”, and “larger screens” may enhance the environment around the viewer making it more like real life for them. These also are related to a higher state “presence” and
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