Aggression Is A Major Problem Of Society

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Generally, aggression is a behavior that is antagonistic and could be done without any provocation or could be because of retaliation. Maccoby and Jacklin (1974) defined aggression as a “loose cluster of actions and motives . . .” with “the intent of one individual to hurt another” (p. 227). While there are a variety of ways in which people can harm one another, only a small percentage is caused by rational behavior (Buss, 1961). Physical psychological, economical, or societal damage are all considered harm towards others (Baron & Richardson, 1994). In general, harm toward others is if a person has experienced ab aversive consequence as a result of someone else’s actions (Baron & Richardson, 1994).
For professionals, theorists, parents, and the public as a whole aggression is a major problem of society (Perez, Vohs, & Joiner, 2005). An understanding of what drives aggression is needed to develop techniques to prevent or lessen the manifestation of aggression (Larson & Lochman, 2002). There are a number of theories trying to explain the exhibition of aggression: instinct theory, bio-chemical, social learning, frustration, and genetic are some.
While developing theories about why aggression occurs researchers have identified two factors: risk factors and protective factors (Hughes, Cavell & Grossman, 1997). Risk factors increase the chances that a person will behave aggressively and protective factors may lessen aggressive behavior or may prevent a person from engaging
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