Aggression Since the Beginning of Time

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Since the beginning of time, in Genesis, Cain showed aggression toward his brother Able. Aggression takes many forms, because of jealousy, insecurity, anxiety, revenge, antisocial personality, alcohol, and drugs. Even though all individuals are uniquely different, they all experience frustrations, but for different reasons. For example, almost everyone becomes frustrated with a computer, some literally destroy the inept machine, but not everyone takes out their aggression on the equipment. Not all aggression is violent. Psychologically mature people generally have better self-control over their frustrations and do not let them escalate. Some people are immature or antisocial and are unable to handle the normal frustrations of everyday life. Many individuals who display antisocial behavior also tend to show no remorse after doing anything wrong like, Lizzy Borden in 1892 (Bible)( People often carry their frustrations with them throughout the day even while they are driving. Many adults have experienced road rage more than once, but few have rarely witnessed someone brandishing a weapon. These actions are possibly related to playing violent video games or just having a bad day. Another thought may be, the video games could help to release some aggressions safely, rather than driving while upset ( Many people who display aggression are also the same people who exhibit insecurities. The same can be said for jealousy and
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