Aggressive Behavior And Victimization Essay

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Aggressive Behavior and Victimization has long term effects for the victimized, the bystander, and the perpetrator.
• Aggressive behavior is a major factor in short and long term physical and mental health, education, and long term adult relationships, and work opportunities. Repetitive aggressive and victimization increases the risk of reduced self-esteem, anxiety, depression and social isolation and poor physical health including substance abuse and suicide.
• Victimized individuals may incur or engage in adult abuse cycles, instability in long term relationships, problems at work, and an inability to achieve economic independence.
• U.K study shows absenteeism increases when students are subjected to aggressive behaviour;16000
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• Bystanders become desensitized to anti-social behaviors, or becoming bullies themselves.
• Many bystanders make excuses for the behavior to stay on the favored side (Coloroso, 2011 pg38).
• Bulling often incurs no immediate consequence therefore celebrated by those who indulge in the behavior, actively or passively, whilst the bullied hide in the shadows.
• The Perpetrator will display internalized symptoms. Perpetrators of aggressive behavior become desensitized to aggression through having their behavior validated by friends and bystanders (J.F. Sigurdson and co-authors 2016). This makes the bully feel superior to others loosing empathy for others considered beneath them.
• Perpetrators of aggressive behavior lack social skills of negotiation, fair play, or compromise leading to the belief that aggression is the only way to get the desired result. This inability to create equable settings amongst peers forms social isolation and depression. The perpetrator internalizes these traits so as not to appear weak to maintain the façade of strength and
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