Aggressive Behavior And Video Games

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Aggressive Behavior and Video Games
“Video games are not inherently good or bad, just as any other tool is not inherently good or bad” (Gentile, D., n.d.), but continuous exposure to video games may generate behavioral changes among individuals.
It is being demonstrated by research that violent television and media have a cause and effect on children and youth that watch them. Because video games use the same repetitiveness mechanism as television and media it is expected by social science professionals that video games cause an even greater impact.
Many factors have been cases of study for researchers to support the thesis of behavioral changes as a consequence of exposure to violent video games and media. Among these factors the following can be found: repetition increase learning of aggressive behavior, violence exposure causes a desensitizing effect and depression as a risky factor in children and youth who play violent video games for a significant amount of time.
The first approach for a child to learn is through the role- playing games where imitation and repetition are the main mechanisms to install what is being learned into the cognitive system of a child. Video games include a great deal of repetition where the child will imitate the actions of the character that he or she is identified with. As a consequence, if the video game is a violent one, a rehearsal of the actions will be performed by the child.
As exposed by Anderson and Bushman (September, 2001):
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