Aggressive Behavior In The Movie Bug's Life

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Watching television with my family, the movie Bug’s Life comes to mind when that bug is attracted to a neon light which it is warned to not look at it since it is a bug repeller and will harm it. That scene and the result of the bug still coming toward it has stayed with me through all my child and become a moral recently. During the weekend, I often found myself clicking on another YouTube video, staring at the shiny screen and ignoring the world around them yet it was not until I realized that isolating myself in a digital word leads to me acting differently and being tired most of the time. Recently, an incident occurred involving social media that led to wondering about the link between aggressive behavior and an over dependence…show more content…
Thus, the high-risk group shown in the “Hostility Online” study could be assessed as meeting some of the guidelines of internet addiction, but not being excessive enough. (Yen, Ju-Yu, et al). With the multiple scales and inventories used by both studies to examine if clinical factors contributed to internet addiction, the answer from the first study is that, “statistical analyses that included potential mediating variables (the BAI, BDI, and CASS) showed that clinical factors played mediating roles only when aggression predicted IAD and not vice versa”. (Yen, Ju-Yu, et al). This means that aggression when seen as a symptom of aggression is not bound by underlying clinical factors. Regardless of clinical factors, the data concerning the casual relationship still stands. This is also referenced in the first article when it mentions that, “In terms of demographic data, it was confirmed that adolescents in the Internet addiction group had higher scores on the BDI, BAI, and CASS than did those in the other two groups [high-risk user and standard user]” (Lim, Jae-A, et al). Therefore, the argument of clinical factors does not contradict with Internet addiction causing the aggressive behavior as examined by the BDI, BAI, and CASS
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