Agile And Software Architecture : A March Together

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Agile and Software Architecture: A March Together Karsun Solutions LLC Sujatha Dantuluri 01.09.2017 Contents Abstract: 3 Definitions 4 Agile: 4 Enterprise Architecture: 4 Problem: 5 Solution 6 Zachman Framework and userstory mapping will help architecture evolution for the project 7 Togaf to establish Architecture process: 10 Conclusion: 13 References 13 Abstract: Notion of faster to market and changing rapidly to demands of the market has given boost to Agile. Agile promotes iterative delivery and design as go because of which many organizations are given a hand to agile and developers are doing architecture as they go into their iterations. Without proper architecture we will create silos and redundant…show more content…
As stated by Togaf documentation, Architecture is classified as • Business Architecture • Data Architecture • Applications Architecture • Technology Architecture The combination of Data Architecture and Applications Architecture is also referred to as the Information Systems Architecture (The Open Group, 2011). Problem: It is very important to delivery software faster to the market and in most sophisticated manner. Agile has provided a promise faster to market and allows customer collaboration and agility to take change in requirements which facilitates development and delivery of product which is more up to date with stakeholder requirements. This provides biggest benefits of faster market, Agility and welcome to change. However Agile promotes smaller cycles of development and it needs features to be delivered iteratively. Agile promises faster and iterative delivery of project whereas Architecture provides foundation on which a software can be developed. While building complex software it is very important to define architecture properly. Modular approach and reuse makes it more complex increasing the need for
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