Agile Approach For Agile Development

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Introduction The purpose of this report is to define and discuss the use of agile methodologies. Agile is becoming a more popular term within the information technology industry and this report will help those unfamiliar with its techniques understand how agile works. The goal is also to inform the readers why agile can be preferred over traditional methods. While reading this report, it is recommended to keep in mind that agile is an alternative to using the traditional systems development lifecycle method. Reasons for Agile Adoption To keep up with the demands of today’s world, technology departments must be able to meet the needs of their customers as fast as possible while still delivering valuable solutions. In order to do this, a…show more content…
With proper agile adoption, all of these problems can be solved. Therefore, agile can transform an underperforming team into a team that provides value to their customer in a timely fashion. Understanding How Agile Works Because many organizations are switching to agile methods over traditional methods such as the systems development lifecycle, one must understand the various facets of the agile methodology. It is necessary to know why agile makes teams more productive, what form of agile is most commonly used, and the different roles of team members in an agile system. In order to fully comprehend agile systems, it is vital to understand why traditional methods have been replaced. When adopting agile, it is important and highly recommended that all members on the team know how agile works. By educating the team’s members, it will better ensure that your team will yield its highest potential for productivity. Incorrect adoption of agile may iii  leave team members confused, hindering their productivity. Studies have shown that most members of an organization are unfamiliar with agile terms and how it works. According to OneDesk’s, Agile Adoption Statistics 2012, most executives and product owners are unfamiliar with how agile works. The figure below shows agile familiarity with scrum masters, product
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