Agile Approach For Software Development Essay

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The effectiveness of the project depends upon the methodology that was chosen for its development. Agile methodology is an emerging approach for software development while waterfall methodology is the traditional one. This paper presents the detailed and comparative study of agile and waterfall methodologies for project development. Both these methodologies have their applications in certain project development environments. The paper highlights basic principles, project development process, and planning and requirements value in agile and waterfall methodologies and specify their relevance for certain projects. The paper outlines the choice of methodology depending on certain factors in projects. Introduction Software development is a complex process where focus is on fast delivery of software products in cost effective manner (Mohammad, Alwada’n, & Ababneh, 2013). Agile methodology is sound approach for software development. The main focus is on people. Customer as well as team members are base of success and failure of a project in agile environment (Mohammad et al., 2013). Agile methodology is based on some core values and principles that should be followed by an agile practitioner while developing projects in agile environment (Stellman & Greene, 2014). The main characteristics of agile includes its iterative nature, high customer satisfaction and quick adaptation to changes (Sharma, Sarkar, & Gupta, 2012). The waterfall methodology is the traditional methodology for
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