Agile Development Methods And Cmmi ( Capability Maturity Model Integration

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Agile development methods and CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) best practices are often perceived to be at odds with each other. This paper provides arguments to point out that CMMI and Agile can work toward deriving benefit from using both and exploit similarities that have the potential to improve business performance.

1. Reasons for Discord
There are two primary reasons for the discord between the two process
a) Early adopters of both these methods have used them for purposes which are extremely different. Early CMMI adopters were developing large scale , less risky, critical systems , often with high level of management , Where as early adopters of AGILE methods generally focused on smaller , single team lead development projects with volatile requirements in a software only environment.
b) The misuse of CMMI on development activities that was already perceived as productive with outs its application . General lack of accurate information about CMMI in the agile community and vice versa , also the terminology in CMMI(e.g.: discipline , predictability) and Agile(e.g.: continuous integration , test driven development) are also easily misunderstood and abused due to their context specific application.
Some misconceptions in the agile community about CMMI stems from aspects of CMM that are no longer found in CMMI.
2. Understanding CMMI
In CMMI, process management is the central core. It represents learning and honesty in work following a process.…
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