Agile Methodology For Project Management

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AGILE METHODOLOGY IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT 3 Agile Methodology in Project Management Name Instructor Institution Location Date of Submission Table of Contents Introduction 3 Approaches in Agile Methodology 3 Principles of Agile Methodology in Project Management 4 Comparison of Agile Methodology versus Traditional Approach 5 Overall Description of Agile Methodology 7 Benefits of the Agile Methodology 8 Conclusions 9 References 10 Running head: AGILE METHODOLOGY IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT 1 AGILE METHODOLOGY IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT 2 Introduction Among the various approaches adopted in project management is Agile Methodology, one that is mentioned frequently among experts and considered as one of the key approaches adopted in organizations. As pointed out by Stare (2013), Agile Methodology can be described as a particular way that is embraced in the management of projects and teams in Information and Technology among other fields. There are various practices associated with the Agile Methodology and some of them include the ability to assume simplicity, creation of documentation based on value, enabling rapid feedback to all stakeholders, and embracing change among others practices. Since its emergence in project management, various research studies have been conducted in a bid to explore the possibilities of using the Agile Methodology in other industries that are not specifically meant for software development. Given the fact that corporations are
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