Agile Methodology For Software Development

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A single definition of agile methodology in software development is not easily found. We should consider agile methodology as an umbrella under which various agile methodologies rest. I will define agile methodology as an alternative to traditional ‘heavyweight’, linear project management methodologies that is marked by an adherence to and reliance on the individual not as a replaceable part, constant interactions between the project team and the customer, adaptiveness, customer collaboration, and responsiveness to change throughout a product’s development, which is perpetual.
A major and initial influential force in agile methodology was Dr. Winston Royce. In 1970, he published an article entitled “Managing the Development of Large Software Systems”. In this paper, he argues software development is unlike the sequentially, siloed group phased execution auto-manufacturing sector and proposed an iterative and incremental approach, while also acknowledging its risks, that today is commonly referred to as agile methodology. Throughout my reading on the topic, I noted that the push for the use of agile methods in software development has been referred to as a movement. And at the forefront of this movement is the Agile Alliance. In 2001, the Agile Alliance published the “Manifesto for Agile Software Development”. I will not explore this group or its manifesto further other than citing its opening salvo, listed on its website, in order to further demonstrate the essence…
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