Agile Methodology Of Software Development

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Agile methodology of Software development includes all the steps defined above but in continuous iteration cycles. Each iteration cycle is termed as a “Sprint”. Like any software project, business stakeholders initially define the business idea and business analysts work on putting an initial version of the business requirements document. Rather than building the whole product at once, the entire application is divided into numerous working modules. Each individual module is implemented within a sprint cycle. The modules selected for development in each sprint cycle undergo all the steps defined in the common software development lifecycle. Before the sprint cycle begins, User Stories are developed by business team and these user stories are handed over to the development team. A user story is a document created by the business analyst and it includes the initial requirement, use cases, negative scenarios, test cases and exceptions. In the beginning of each sprint cycle, these user stories are presented to the developers for effort estimation. Once the effort estimation is finalized the scrum master takes the responsibility of handing over the user stories to developers in the team in the form of tickets. A user story can be broken down into multiple tickets. There are many applications like JIRA, HPQC, Rally etc., that help the management team in ticket assignment process, sprint planning and progress tracking. The role of a developer is to work on those individual
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