Agile Software Architecture Written By Christine Miyachi

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The first article I focused on was Agile Software Architecture written by Christine Miyachi. This article mainly focused on the concept of agile software development. The concept of agile development is mainly based on interactions between the software developer and the consumer of the software. An agile software is something that can be fixed at the last minute due to sudden changes (Miyachi, 2011). With the ability to change the developing software at any moment in the process, it is widely believed that the cost to do this would be very high but agile method experts say that with changing software the cost will actually level out over time (Miyachi, 2011). In order for this method to work, a development team must accept a process that accepts continuous change (Miyachi, 2011). Without the acceptance of an agile system, the cost will never level out due to the software developers not being open to changing (Miyachi, 2011). The agile process does not have to be set in stone at the beginning. If there is a part of the process that does not need a decision right away, then it will wait until the decision is needed in the future (Miyachi, 2011). This process allows for the software to be changed with ease as long as the developers are fully committed to the process (Miyachi, 2011).
The second article that I read was Evolutionary Delivery Versus the “Waterfall Model” written by Tom Gilb. While this article was written in 1985, it still is completely relevant to…
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