Agile Software Architecture Written By Christine Miyachi

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The first article I focused on was Agile Software Architecture written by Christine Miyachi. This article mainly focused on the concept of agile software development. The concept of agile development is mainly based on interactions between the software developer and the consumer of the software. An agile software is something that can be fixed at the last minute due to sudden changes (Miyachi, 2011). With the ability to change the developing software at any moment in the process, it is widely believed that the cost to do this would be very high but agile method experts say that with changing software the cost will actually level out over time (Miyachi, 2011). In order for this method to work, a development team must accept a process…show more content…
The article mainly focused on comparing an evolutionary method to the waterfall method. The author of the article believed that the waterfall model is very unrealistic and dangerous to use as a primary development tool for any project (Gilb, 1985). The waterfall method is scheduled for a single finished date and all planning, design and analysis is done in the very beginning before the software coding begins (Gilb, 1985). The evolutionary model is based on delivering to a real user, measuring the added value to the user, and adjusting any issues (Gilb, 1985). A key difference emphasized in the article was that a system built in the evolutionary model is real and always changing while the waterfall method is not (Gilb, 1985). The waterfall method is more focused on what the software will do as compared to the evolutionary method which is more focused on how well the software will work for the client (Gilb, 1985). Gilb had the opinion that the waterfall method is no longer a method to follow (Gilb, 1985). Back in 1985, Gilb wanted to show readers that the evolutionary method was the way software should be developed and that the clients were more interested in a technology that was perfected for them (Gilb, 1985). As seen in the waterfall approach, it was very common to have a software developed for a client and the client would not even know who the developer was (Gilb, 1985). The waterfall method was effective but it is a method
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