Agile : The Agile Argument

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AGILE The AGILE Argument Jesse Allen 5/7/2015 CIS280 DEA 14-55 This paper will take a in depth look at what makes AGILE “AGILE”, including the history, uses, and arguments for and against its use. Contents Introduction 2 History 2 The Goal 2 The Evolution of Agile 5 Uses 7 Pros 8 Cons 9 Conclusion 10 Works Cited 11 Introduction The idea behind Agile is to put people before processes, to deliver working software versus mountains of documentation, to collaborate with clients rather than negotiate contracts, and lastly to be agile rather than rigidly following a plan (History: The Agile Manifesto). History The Agile methodology was born during the second week on February in 2001 in the snowy peaks of the…show more content…
The Goal The Goal was not to create an anti-methodology but rather create a methodology that achieved balance. Prior to the formation of the Agile methodology many other methodologies existed, many of which still exist. One such methodology is the Waterfall methodology. The Waterfall approach is a very linear (and not agile) style of development. In Waterfall development there are several steps that take place starting with the conception, followed by the initiation, then the analysis, which is followed by design, then construction. After the construction is complete the process moves into testing, implementation and then lastly maintenance. One downside to this sequential flow of processes is that once a task is completed there is no going back. If the requirements where wrong or changed the entire project is destined to fail. In contrast, the very nature of Agile development is to be able to quickly adapt to changes in requirements (Agile & Waterfall Methodologies). The Agile Manifesto outlines twelve principles that make Agile “Agile” • Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software (History: The Agile Manifesto).. This is a key distinction between traditional and Agile methodologies. Traditional methods deliver an end product with all desired features at time of completion. If
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