Agile vs. Prescriptive Processes

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Agile vs. Prescriptive Processes CS5704 - Assignment 1 Jitrat Jaidee Agile Software Development Agile Development is one of the methodologies use in software engineering to help develops software. Today, there are a lot of different approach to Agile method. However, they all share the same value and principals. This method is value interactions over team and customer, workable software, and adaptable to change. Over the processes, documentation, contract, and plan. Agile developer also following 12 principle. 1, Their first priority is to delivery fast and quality software that will satisfy customer. 2, be adaptable to any change in requirement at any point in time, Agile development always…show more content…
In the other hand, Prescriptive process require the team to have define plan and process. This method is more traditional, I believe this approach would work well in both small and large scale project. Since, software engineering team need to plan out every thing step by step as it require in the methodologies. Finally, I do feel that Agile development is relies heavily on individual and live meeting to be able to do well in a large scale development. Which lead to no definite order of thing and can course quite a bit of confusion. In the other hand, Prescriptive Processes, is more stable and has the set of order and progress for the team to follow. I do feel that this traditional method will delivery more stable and quality product References 1] 2] 3]

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