Aging Adults And Substance Abuse

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Monica Neumann
Gerontology Fall 2015

As we read through this literature review, we will outline some of the findings from the most recent research from 2010-2015. The focus is on aging adults and substance abuse in the United States. The use of alcohol, and prescription medications among this population, also known as the “Baby Boomers” is a major concern. One focus will be on the prevalence of substance abuse (alcohol and prescription use) and the consequences both mentally and physically. Being apart of the aging population and substance abuse this can lead to misdiagnosing and treating substance abuse among the elderly.
The Baby Boomer population is growing rapidly here in the United Sates and the issues of substance abuse and misuse among older adults is a concern. The prevalence of substance use among this population is increasing and the most common substances used are alcohol, prescription medications and over the counter medications. Continued use of alcohol and prescription drugs, we tend to see a rise in the number of older adults admitted to the hospital, with that comes higher healthcare costs.
With the growing concern over the physical and mental health effects of substance abuse as the population of older adults continues to rise, the question is whether there are going to be enough treatment options available for this age group and if so, what type of treatment is best. With the aging population growing in the United States, the question is raised…
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