Aging And Aging

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Sexuality is not something that just magically disappears with age. In fact, to the majority of healthy older individual, sex is actually something that is often more enjoyable in their older age. Society has portrayed sexuality within the older population to be nonexistent or seen as negative due to the physiological effects aging has on the human body. The cartoon which is provided showcases the perceptions that society has implied towards the physical effects of aging. Being old is seen as unappealing and said to make a person less desirable ("Sexuality and Physical Changes With Aging-Cultural and Psychological Factors," n.d.). In the cartoon all four woman are presented with glasses, grey hair, wrinkled faces, no teeth, and using a cane or a walker. This implies to the viewers that aging not only makes a person unattractive but also broken. Hormonal changes are usually the culprit behind the many physical, sexual and reproductive changes that women experience as they get older. Slowed sexual arousal, vaginal dryness, as well as shorter less intense orgasms can all be contributed to menopause, the decrease in the hormones estrogen and progesterone. While both of these hormones obviously plays a large role in sexual simulation, reproduction, and libido, they also contribute to the changes in a woman's physical appearance. These characteristics in both male and females are very apparent in the cartoon presented. Just like the women, the man is also represented to be

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