Aging And The Aging Process

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Aging, it’s something that as a species of life on this planet we are predisposed to and its results are an inevitable factor that effects our bodies in several ways, from cataracts development to the progression of memory issues from such diseases as Alzheimer’s or Huntington’s. The concepts of aging are broken down into two theories widely accepted by several varying fields of studies such as gerontology, the study of the aging process, and oncology, the study of cancer and tumor development. The Cellular theory, which focuses solely on the idea that a species and individual’s lifespan and condition in life is based on genetic and cellular factors that predispose us to a variety of diseases. The second theory is known as Wear-and-Tear theory which heavily concentrates on the concepts of external factors in the aging process. The studies behind this theory focuses on the physical condition of the body and the environmental circumstances that result in the condition of the body as an individual is aging. The aging process is a unique aspect of life that attributes to several varieties of diseases and conditions that affect the lifestyle of the individual both externally and internally.
The concept that is become more appropriate among professional studies within the fields mentioned prior is a combination of both cellular and physical theories. These studies are becoming more apparent as the population of 55 to 75 year olds is increasing both nationally across the United

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