Aging And The Life Course

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Aging in the Movies: Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Ninety six percent of people sixty-five and older are nonmovers (Quadagno, 2014, p.203) yet the film The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011) follows seven individuals who are seeking a place that can accommodate their elderly needs. Despite this being a fictional film, the text Aging and the Life Course: An Introduction to Social Gerontology (Quadagno, 201) can support the ways in which the film accurately depicts various obstacles associated with aging. Each of the characters in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel overcome ageist social constructions present within western culture but represent that there can still be hope in old age. Of all the characters in the film Muriel Donnelly started out as the most helpless. She was the only character to physically represent the frail elderly and the type of the treatment they receive. When Muriel is seeking medical attention she is place in the hallway of an overpopulated hospital. Besides her racial attitude, she still does receive very watchful attention. This represents how little value our healthcare puts into the elderly patients and with the majority of our population becoming elderly overpopulated healthcare settings are an inevitable part of our future. I know the healthcare system in Britain is different than ours, but a two-year wait to treat a debilitating ailment is what we are headed to, there are waitlist similar to this just to receive physical or occupational therapy. Not
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