Aging Essay 17

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First I will talk about the physical changes in early adulthood. Developmentalists look at adult physical functioning and begin to ask questions about loss or decline of function. There are two types of aging primary aging and social aging. Primary aging is age related physical changes that have biological basis. Social aging is age related changes due to environmental influences, poor health, habits or disease. Adults in there 20's and 30's have more muscle tissue; maximum bone calcium; more brain mass; better eyesight, hearing, and sense of smell; greater oxygen capacity; and a more proficient immune system. The early adult is stronger, faster and better able to pick up from exercise or adapt to changing conditions. In early…show more content…
First my father as a young girl growing up he was in good health and condition but as he got older and did not take care of himself his physical and health condition decline which is social aging. My father ate all the wrong food and gain weight which caused his knees to give out to the point where today he can not walk. My father also is 55 years old so on top his social aging he is also has his older adult decline. My mom and her cognitive changes have had a major decline. My mom when I was younger would remember a lot of things, dates and events. My mom now will tell you something or give you something and she would not remember. My mom is 56 years old so I feel that the text is correct when they say that with age you physical and cognitive functions decline. The most surprising insight that I learned during my reading were that there were two different types of aging. Before I read chapter 13 I did not know that there were types of aging. After reading this chapter I learned that aging could be brought on by an environment I would not have ever thought this was a factor. After learning about it I could see how an environment could age a person. A person who is in an environment of poverty, violence and crime could age faster because of stress and always having to look over their shoulder. Worry about were their next meal will come from. All this stress could lead to poor health. If there is too much stress you can get high blood pressure and many other
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