Aging Neglect

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Having witnessed a grandmother complaining that her sons never visit, and that she has no one; it has become clear that one of the biggest problems that our community faces today is neglect of the elderly. The problem is large, hidden, and continues to grow. Aging issues are not only our community’s problem, but also a national concern. In addition to abandoning the elderly, seniors in our society are often overlooked by most community initiatives. Most non-governmental organizations have had a tendency to focus on matters that affect the youth rather than the elderly, implying they are less important. When they feel lonely, studies have shown that the loneliness may increase their risk of developing chronic health complications and increased mortality rates. “Social isolation also was associated with limiting longstanding illnesses such as chronic lung disease, arthritis, impaired mobility, and depressive symptoms” (Steptoe, et al. par. 5). Eliminating elderly neglect will potentially reduce health risks such as dementia and improve their psychosocial status in the community. Being that we are able to predict who is more likely to become a victim of negligence, it would be important to make some necessary steps to lessen the possibility of such an incident. The following are action plans that when implemented will help combat neglect of seniors in our community: conducting a community awareness campaign, supplying adequate social contact and spiritual support, and
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