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When we are young we never think about what we are going to be like when we are 80 or 90. We just think of the present. Aging is something almost everyone experience’s in their lifetime. Everyone ages at their own rate and time, thus no one has the same experience. Some theorists believe that as we age we become disengage from society, others believe it’s the choices we make that cause disengagement from society. It’s something psychologists have argued for a long time. There is not a lot of research done on how adults age because of participant drop outs for a numerous amount of reasons; for example health issues, death or forgetting about the study all together. Older adults do not choose to become disengaged from society; the choices…show more content…
Therefore it is not a valid argument. The second theory to go against The University of Chicago’s research findings was the Development of the Kansas City Studies of Adult life, theorists Cummings and Henry worked together to produce the 9 postulates of Disengagement Theory of Aging. The first one states individuals are different but the expectation of death is universal, and that there is a mutual agreement between the individual and society. Even though we create a variety of interactions that can control are social norms, once disengagement starts it is a never ending process. Men and women disengage differently because of their different roles in society. Not only does disengagement from society depend on your gender it also depends on your ego. In America if an individual’s ego changes or is changed by society because of organizational imperatives or both simultaneously occurs (Achenbaum, 1994, p.758) disengagement from society happens. When an individual, society or both are ready for disengagement or neither is ready, and finally if one is ready and the other is not disengagement will still occur regardless of who is ready and who is not. If someone becomes aware of their shortness of life and their ego lessen than readiness for disengagement has begun. When people start to reduce the amount of interaction, central roles and the quality of relationships everything shifts from vertical solidarities to horizontal ones. Last but not least

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