Aging Population A Growing Challenge

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Minarechova, Radka. "Aging population a growing challenge." Slovak Spectator 08 Sept. 2014: 12. Newspaper Source. Web. 18 Nov. 2015. In this article, Radka Minarechová addresses the growing challenges associated with the fastest aging population in one of the European Union countries, known as Slovakia. As the elderly population increased, the productive working age deceased, which caused the country to suffer greatly based on their involvement in employment, society, independent living and aging prevention. It becomes clear that the country was not prepared to solve problems dealing with aging. As a result, it is shown that discrimination towards the elderly by the others within the population is discovered within specific areas such as health care and employment. With the retirement age at 62, the more individuals requesting for pensions, the greater the effect on the contribution to the funds necessary for the benefit of the recipient, especially healthcare. The subject of aging is highly relevant to Zimmerman’s article. The need to improve the aging phases every individual experiences is a serious issue that can be resolved or reduced. Although Minarechová’s argument does not focus directly on the health concerns dealing with aging, but the author touched the important subject of how it can affect our population rather than benefit us as a society. Not only is the topic relevant to Zimmerman’s argument but it was written around the same time. Therefore, there is a high
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