Aging Population Being Diagnosed With Cognitive Impairment

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With the steady increase with the aging population being diagnosed with Cognitive Impairment, there has been urgent demand for scientists to develop intelligent systems to support cognitively impaired people. With this increase of the cognitively impaired, it has caused a strain on support services and in turn it has had a negative impact socially and economically onto the society. As a potential solution, assistive technology (AT) has always been seen as a reasonable approach to help cognitively impaired users with their autonomy. Presented in the paper, the author gives a brief overview about AT systems and how they have supported cognitive impaired people in their activities in their daily living (ADL). AT systems aims to provide real…show more content…
With the constraints of the suggested systems, the authors propose an idea to provide a solution that overcomes the problems stated above. The proposition is to develop a nonintrusive system that is able to recognise electrical activities via electrical appliances by monitoring the signals from the main panel. This approach is less intrusive as it only requires one sensor; it is able to support cognitively impaired people in their ADL by sending prompts via electrical devices. The idea of the nonintrusive system is an extension but focuses on electrical appliances and how it can send prompts to the patients of it also focuses on the previous work of the nonintrusive appliance loading monitoring system (NIALM). To justify the idea the proposed, a series of experiments are undertaken. This consists of implementing the system into a real smart home with a single power analyser at the main electrical panel. The assistive system was tested rigorously against real life scenarios, related to morning ADL to test the accuracy and how competent the system is to assist patients in a real life context, algorithm for assistance is implemented within the system for the activity recognition every time an electrical appliance is used. The authors determined potential errors or abnormal situations to test out any inconsistent behaviour which should cause a prompt to be sent to the patient to provide the appropriate
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