Aging Society as Agents of Social Change Essay

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“You are only as old as you feel”. Everyone at some time in life has heard this saying. People are more and more resisting the idea of aging. In Betty Friedan’s book, The Fountain of Age (1993), she suggests that a new stage in life is emerging from this trendy resistance of growing old. Many people have tried to put a label on the trend. It has been called the “third-age”, “encore years”, and even referred to as the “second missionary journey”. This time of life that is being referenced is the period of late adulthood. Psychologists, such as Erik Erikson, have referred to this stage in life as a period of new identity. Throughout life, each new experience, each gain or loss, requires a reassessment of one’s identity. The idea of…show more content…
The main focus of study appears to be on populations of the United States and parts of Europe. These areas have been used in research due to certain trends in wages, resources, and employment (Massey, 2012). Throughout history, people have been presented with differences in opportunities for economic gains and social change. One generation that has seen the most effect from these changes is the group commonly referred to as the ‘Baby Boomers’. This group of people was born in the years following World War II, most of who are currently reaching the age of retirement. This group saw a different wave of capitalization and revolution than generations before it and following had yet to see. Most people who are seeking this more active era of late adulthood are those who have benefited from the social changes of the time. During the years following World War II, men were returning home from war and the numbers of growing families reached a new height. The “baby boomers” are the specific demographic of people born during this decade. This group of people is the largest focus of current study in this topic of aging due to their active role as agents of social change. This generation has been viewed as a lucky generation. Over the last half century, they have thoroughly

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