Aging To Me Research Paper

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Aging to me represents a normal cycle of life and normal part of my life path. However it’s up to me how I age. Trying to lead a healthy lifestyle will hopefully allow me to age well. I do not like defining an individual as “old” as that word is something I would use to describe the state of my furniture or me vehicle. A person that lead a life filled with amazing experiences, some happy, some not so much, should be defined something more than just “old”. Most people, after reaching a certain age, are more spiritualy orianted, especially if illness becomes part of their life. Their belifs have effect on theit physical well being. Few older people I know personally I do not think of them old nor do they think that of themselves. More that they know their limitations in body movements the aging brings.…show more content…
For example, recent concerns of baby boomers retiring, and what will that do to our health care system as well as to our pension
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