Agnes Von Kurowsky

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Agnes von Kurowsky: An English Nurse. A fiancé who never became a wife. She cheated on him with an American soldier.
Hadley Richardson (1921-1927):
First wife, mother to his first son- Jack Hemmingway. Hemmingway had an affair and ended this marriage. They lived together in Paris just months after being married.
Pauline Pfeiffer: (1927-1940)
Second wife, mother to Patrick and Gregory Hemmingway. {Gregpory became a cross dresser and died a woman in jail.} Living in Key West, Florida and Paris, France.
Martha Gellhorn: (1940- 1945) Third wife, Met as fellow war correspondent.
Mary Welsh: (1945- 1961)
Fourth wife, Met as fellow war correspondent.
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