Agnostids Summary

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The reading and lecture both discuss about an ancient animal, Agnostids, that its behavior and the organisms that fed on is not very obvious today. Accordingly, there are some presumption in this regard by scientist. The reading contends that three main likely theory are exists for the explanation of Agnostids manner of living. However, the lecturer casts doubt on the claims made by the article, and provides some evidence to refute them all. First, the author holds the view that this animal was a free-swimming predator, which could swim strongly, and hunted the smaller creatures in the sea. Conversely, the speaker brings up the idea that this reason is highly questionable due to the fact that this animal did had tiny poor eyes, which were virtually blind. In contrast, the other predator swimmer of its time, had well developed eyes, in order to find their pray conveniently under the water, whereas Agnostids was deprived from this blessing.…show more content…
On the other hand, the lecturer challenges this issue by highlighting that the seafloor animals were not able to move quickly, while Agnostids was. She mentions that the seafloor animals are found in a small geographic are, and could not move from one place to the other place as quickly as the Agnostids could. Finally, the reading passage indicates that Agnostids probably was Agnostid parasite, so that lived on other animals. On the contrary, the professor dismisses this issue by emphasizing that the population of parasite was not very large, while there is a vast amount of fossils that are proved that the population of Agnostids was large enough that can refute this
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