Agoda Vs. Kayak : Which Is The Best For Travel Booking?

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Agoda vs Expedia vs Priceline vs Kayak: Which is the Best for Travel Booking?

If you are a savvy Internet shopper, you will know by now that comparison websites are rigged. The companies that pay the highest commissions to the websites are the ones that “appear” to be the cheapest. So, how do you get the best deal? There are three practices to undertake.

The first is to start shopping long before you need your flight so that you may take advantage of early booking discounts. If you cannot find a good price, you may set up price alerts and watch airline/holiday package prices to see if the cost slips.

The second is to shop around as much as possible. Use comparison websites and visit the websites of the companies offering holidays and flights. Keep shopping around until you find the best possible price.

The third practice is to learn as much as you can about the companies offering the holiday packages and the flight deals. This article is loaded with information that will help you pick the travel booking company that is right for you.

A Little Background Information

All is not what it seems when you shop online. Quite a few travel companies are owned by the same company. Here is a list of which company owns which company. For the record, just because one company owns another, it doesn’t mean they have the same prices or service quality.

= Expedia currently owns Orbitz, Travelocity, Hotwire, eBookers and CheapTickets.

= Priceline currently owns, Agoda…
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