Agogoro Eyo Festival in Lagos, Nigeria

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DEITIES OF THE AGOGORO EYO FESTIVAL By: Alaba kehinde Email: Introduction The word Eyo also refers to the costumed dancers, known as the masquerade, that come out during the festival. The origins of this observance are found in the inner workings of the secret societies in lagos. It is widely believed that the play is one of the manifestations of the customary African revelry that serves as the forunner of the modern carnival in Brazil. On Eyo day, the mainhighway in the heart of the city (from the end of carter bridge to tinubu square) is closed to traffic, allowing for procession from Idumota to the Iga Idunganran palace. The white-clad Eyo masquerade represent the spirits of the dead, and are referred to in…show more content…
ALAKETE PUPA Next in hierarchy to the Adamu Orisha is the Eyo Laba or Alakete Pupa who are the king’s own Eyo. Their authority is derived from the Oba and they carry a potent bag or Laba. They are also known as the Olopa Eyo (policemen of Eyos) and do not have an Orisha. The Eyo Laba are also responsible for the preparation of the Para, which is an enclosure of raffia mats around provided by the Awe Adimu. The Para is constructed the night prior to the festival and is the only place where a drummer beats a certain drum called Arigo which moves Eyos into a state of frenzy. Part of Laba’s oriki is: Hu ha, ha !! Okanlaba ekun ma fara soko Oju ekun ina Eyin ekun oorun Ahon ekun mu bi abe ifari Ojigiri takiji ni t’ekun L’esi ma gbena woju ekun Lai sawo ONIKO AND OLOGEDE Following the Alakete Pupa are the Orisha Oniko and Orisha Ologede. The Oniko is referred to as Mole Ejilu, Mole Malaki, Egun Onigemo while the Ologede is known as Mole Ejilu, Mole Malaki Egun Olugbani. The origin of the Orisha Oniko and Orisha Ologede is linked to Olugbani who was a trader in Idumagbo and who had three children whose names were Efunyemi, Ejilu and Malaki. Oba Ado married Efunyemi who became his favourite wife and was always called Olugbani by the Oba even after their marriage. Thus the following: Opa omo re, ki se Erelu gba yi o gbo la Omo Olugbani ni After many childless years, Oba Ado directed his wife’s brothers Ejilu and Malaki to travel to Oyo and find out why Efunyemi was

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